Tiny Dance & Tumble Tots

(ages 2)- This is a 45 minute class that introduces students to dance and works on socialization and basic dance skills. We will also introduce tumbling skills.

Pre-School Ballet

(Ages 3-5) - This is a 45-minute ballet class that introduces young children to dance in a structured class setting while initiating ballet movement and terminology. The first 30 minutes is ballet and the last 15 minutes is minimal tumbling.

Pre-School Tap

(Ages 3-5)This is a 25-minute tap class that introduces young children to basic tap steps.

Pre School Jazz/Acro

(Ages 3-5) This is a 30 minute class that combines acrobatic moves such as forward rolls, cartwheels and round offs with basic jazz dance moves.



(Ages 5-8) This is a 45-minute ballet class for young students offering them a foundation in ballet that teaches basic ballet terminology and dance movements.


(8 & up) This is a 45 minute ballet class that a student may take for a few years before advancing to the next level. This class works on technique and strength and includes extensive barre and center conditioning.


(instructor determines who will take this class) This is a 45 minute class that is ballet focused and will work on preparing students for pointe work. Most students in this class may move into pointe the following year, while some will remain here until their ankles have the correct amount of strength.


(Director determines when a student enters this class) Students must have several years of ballet training to perform in a pointe class. These classes work on flexibility and technique as well as grace and advanced ballet movements. instructors will decide when a student is ready for Pointe since it requires muscle and ankle development and beginning too early can harm the student.



(Ages 5-8)

 This is a 30 minute tap class that teaches a basic understanding of rhythm. This class is paired with jazz to create a combo class.


(Ages 8 + Intermediate I & II) - This is a 30 minute high -energy tap class that teaches more advanced tap steps and rhythm.


(Ages 5-8) - Jazz is a high energy class that teaches rhythm and movements to up-beat songs. This is a 30 minute class.


(Ages 8+ Intermediate I & II)- This is a 45 minute class for students with previous jazz experience. It is a fast paced and challenging class that teaches advanced jazz turns and leaps.



(Ages 5+, Beginner, Intermediate I) This is a 45 minute class . Lyrical combines ballet and jazz and teaches fluid movements danced to contemporary music.

Hip Hop


(Ages 5+, Beginner & Intermediate) This is a 45 minute fun class that is high energy and exciting. The students will learn the newest moves and dance to up-beat popular music as well as basic jazz moves and body isolation.



(Ages 4+) This is a 45 minute class that will teach cheers, chants, jumps and cheer dances. Students will also work on basic tumbling and stunting skills.


(Ages 4+, Beginner, Intermediate)- This is a 45 minute class that will teach tumbling moves such as cartwheels, back bends, round offs, and other skills needed to work towards more advanced tumbling. This is strictly tumbling, no bars, beams or rings. It is our policy that students will not perform certain tumbling moves until the instructor feels that the student is prepared to do so. Students are placed in class based on level, not age.

Turns, Progressions & Stretch

Turns, Progressions & Stretch

(ages 11+) This is a 45 minute class that will work on stretch techniques to help with a students flexibility as well as focus on across the floor combinations that include turns and leaps. This class is designed to work in coordination with other classes to help a dancer specifically on these skills. Performance Class–(Ages 5+) This is a 45 minute class that is designed to help students work on their stage presence and performance skills! This class allows these students to represent Stepping Out at various local events. Students will learn to work together and perform upbeat exciting routines. The only extra cost is a uniform that is purchased in September. Anyone may be in this class, there is no tryout required.

*Classes marked with an asterisk are filled by the directors. These are Advanced Level Classes.

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